Here There is a work in a progress. 

It is a project that investigating the nature of shortcuts or what is sometimes termed by urban planners as Desire Paths

What becomes apparent within these landscapes is that before there was even a small indentation in the surface between points A and B, a collective, unconscious and similarly renegade decision was made. Countless users of these spaces have unwittingly disregarded or reinterpreted the prescribed modes of navigation, seemingly indicating a latent relationship between the individual and the greater populace. 

These forms embody the spatial habits of a community: highlighting the gaps between urban planning and urban usage. It's these navigational demands upon the landscape that, in time, reveal themselves in the same organic and unpredictable way as any other vernacular.

A selection of these photographs where exhibited at the Cornerstone Gallery in June 2013 as part of LOOK/13 the Liverpool International Photography Festival in an exhibition titled Processing showcasing works in progress.

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